Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

With my Exec’ clients I work on the basis that they need to come unstuck, in the most positive sense. Everyone I have worked with has struggles, issues, challenges and problems upon which they are stuck. Together, we get them moving forward by setting clear goals, raising awareness of things that may be causing a blockage and helping them to choose how to respond. I also deliver crystal clear, objective feedback as part of this process.

I adopt a straightforward coaching style which I have studied thoroughly (Institute of Leadership and Management, Level 7, Executive Coaching and Mentoring). I build collaborative and individual relationships with my clients with the aim of bringing about sustained behavioural change which transforms the quality of their professional and personal lives.

Business Coaching

Whilst I have studied Executive Coaching and Mentoring, I offer Business Coaching for individuals whatever their role in an organisation. I adopt the same style, building collaborative and individual relationships. We get to the heart of their issues and struggles, raise awareness and choose responses.

Career Change/Planning

I provide this service because I’ve been through it myself.

Now I help people through similar situations.

So if you’re stuck in a career rut and want to change, or you’re being made redundant and don’t know what to do next, I can help you move forward.

Leadership Development

I can help you build a bespoke leadership development programme for your senior teams. This would involve coaching as well as access to face to face training delivery and psychometric evaluation.

I always leave my coaching sessions with actions; things to consider for next time, different approaches to try; reading material – so it always feels as though it’s a continual process of reflection, and not just an occasional, intermittent conversation. The feedback that Mike gives me during the sessions is always honest and frank and also helps me with perspective (getting some, usually)

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