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It’s been a while since my last blog. How have you all been? I’m now 16 months on from leaving the corporate world with YBS. It’s flown by, and it’s been quite a journey.

I remember writing this post about a year ago and thinking that I was off and running. But actually I wasn’t quite there and things went pretty quiet just after that. Whilst I had convinced myself that some customer experience consultancy and an interim contract with a large building society was the immediate future, neither of those things actually materialised. It was a case of taking two steps back before taking another one forward. I went back to basics and my friend John’s article:

Using that, I worked out that there was something I really wanted to have a proper go at. I had experience of it and had feedback that I was good at it. It involves other humans, and so I would enjoy that. I knew the basics but could develop my skills further and, It was something to try.

That “something” was coaching. Executive Coaching to be precise so in May last year I enrolled on a course at my local Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) centre. The course was their Level 7 qualification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. This involved 8 days of face to face facilitated learning, practise, observation and supervision. A minimum requirement of at least 20 hours live coaching with 2 – 3 clients and 3 formal written assignments covering “Understanding, undertaking and reflection” of my Coaching and Mentoring. I figured if this chosen path was going to work, I should be properly qualified for people to take me seriously.

The course was excellent. My fellow delegates were from all sorts of different places – armed forces, education, automotive – there was a huge breadth of experience in the room and I was the only one from Financial Services. Also a good mix of employed and entrepreneurs which in itself presents opportunities for working together in the future.

So from that point in 2019, I made coaching my focus. I found 4 clients from my network who generously let me practise with them, (thank you very much you know who you are), and I set about learning this craft and building my skills and confidence.

It’s gone really well and I am now in a position to launch my own coaching practice. My blog at has moved into a full website and I’ve just completed the transfer across of all my subscribers. Thank you to Jake at Develop Marketing – you’ve been great to work with.

I hope you like the site! Please do let me know, as an old boss and other Mike used to say to me: Feedback is the breakfast of champions.

I’m available now for coaching assignments. If you’d like a chat, or know someone who would, it’s really easy to book a call with my straight into my diary, from the website. Why not give it a go?

I’ll keep you posted on progress and all things coaching.

All the best


January 27, 2020 7:00 am


  • Jorge Rodrigues says:

    Congratulations Mike ! It looks awesome and I wish you loads of success. If you happy I can share your post on my LinkedIn in as I have approximately 3000 connections.
    Good luck

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